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Not exactly a new shot, but the advertisement for which Dambi had to fly to Portugal for has been revealed as a CF for Samsung’s digital camera. And apparently being the face for the product is a big deal, because the digital camera market is famous for being extremely picky about choosing a model which […]

YTN News (2007.08.28) LQ | 10.57MB | 4:50 Not only has Son Dam Bi been repeatedly compared to Bi, her name also happens to contain “Bi.” However, there is an even stranger coincidence between Son Dam Bi (손담비) and actress Seo Dam Bi (서단비), whose names differ by only one character. Because of this, the […]

Dambi’s once again making a splash with these new promotional shots for Buckaroo Jeans’ fall line-up. Already these photos have found their way onto many news sites, including Yahoo! Korea, mydaily, and 조이뉴스24. Most are raving about Dambi’s “S line,” or curvy figure, which has become Korea’s latest trend. Read on for two more sexy […]

YTN Star S Keyword LQ | 6.88MB | 1:02 This short, and relatively pointless, video points out Dambi’s popularity among Netizens based on the number of searches done in her name. To do so, the video shows a clip of a Cry Eye performance before moving onto candid pictures of her eating ice-cream and wearing […]

Yonhap News Interview (2007.06.15) LQ | 14.53MB | 2:15 In this outdoor interview/photoshoot, Dambi talks about her then upcoming single, Cry Eye. She begins by describing the title track as a hip-pop piece with beatbox beats, which we’ve heard before. The clip is interlaced with videos of the Cry Eye teaser, dance practices, and Maybee’s […]

YEPP Promotion


YEPP Promotion LQ | 57.75MB | 8:52 Taking place in a shopping mall, this promotional event for Samsung’s YEPP mp3 player features none other than Son Dam Bi. Appearing classy but casual in a white blazer over a T-shirt with jeans and heels, Dambi humbly introduces herself as she always does. And as she towers […]

Cry Eye Dance Instructions MQ | 29.20MB | 4:29 Ever wanted to krump it like Son Dam Bi? Well, here’s your chance. Through this video, learn the moves for Cry Eye with special instruction from Dambi herself. She doesn’t just run through the choreography, but takes the time to explain the steps in detail while […]