Cry Eye MV


Cry Eye Music Video
HQ | 142.59 MB | 4:36

The video starts off with Start, the fourth track from Cry Eye. Here Dambi is looking fabulous in a tracksuit and big sunglasses. As the beginning notes of Cry Eye sound, Dambi exits a vintage elevator and enters a vintage flat. And if you look closely, as she’s pulling up the door, you’ll see the red dice which Dambi and her backup dancers will be dancing between later on. She pulls out an electronic device and guess what it says? Cry Eye.

After a few stretches, Dambi sheds her sweatshirt and begins strutting her stuff. Unfortunately, with all the rapid cuts and blurred shots, it’s hard to make out the choreography. The dance is intercut with scenes of Dambi all glammed up, hair blowing in the wind, singing the song. About halfway into the video, the dark-hooded Dambi from the teaser appears, and she begins battling it out with a boombox. Later on, she’s joined by her posse who dance beside her surrounded by big, fuzzy dice. As the video, and song, come to their end, and climax, Dambi emerges in yet another outfit, this time with cornrows and a flashy top. The ending sequence is alternated with recycled footage from the Cry Eye teaser. And as usual, Dambi ends off with her signature krumping/ass-shaking, only this time she turns around before walking away, which is a refreshing change.

All in all, the video is pretty good. The production values are quite high and Dambi changed outfits 6 times (well, 5 if you don’t count the teaser outfit). However, the video didn’t exactly showcase her talent all that well. But that’s what live performances are for.

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