MSN Japan Coverage


MSN Japan Coverage (2007.05.01)
MQ | 22.8MB | 8:20

The first of three videos, this MSN Japan coverage of Son Dam Bi documents her training and daily life. This particular episode starts off with Dambi dancing to Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me a River. She then introduces herself in Japanese before continuing the interview in Korean. Afterwards, Dambi takes the crew to a park where she records herself on self-camera. Even later, she visits a little cafe for a drink. Dambi then takes everyone to the mall for some shopping where she does the cutest “Let’s go!” gesture. From these three outings, we can see from Dambi’s outfits that she’s not really the tough hip-hop dancer that she portrays in her music videos or performances. In fact, the only sporty element seen here is when Dambi checks out some Nike Dunks at a store. Otherwise, she’s just an ordinary girl who likes to shop very, very much. The clip ends off with Dambi returning home after a long day, and her house looks to be a moderate apartment complex.

MSN Japan Coverage (2007.05.08)
MQ | 43.0MB | 15:21

The longest of the videos, this episode starts off with a ride in Dambi’s manager’s car to her house. In the car, even before they reach the dance studio, Dambi complains of a pain in her lower ribs. However, she just shrugs it off and decides to proceed with the practice. But after toughing it out for a few songs, Dambi decides that the pain is intolerable, and her manager sends her to the hospital. There they take some X-rays and Dambi is advised to rest for a few days. Following the doctor’s orders, Dambi’s manager drops her off at her house. However, just as Dambi is about to enter her house, she changes her mind and decides to go for a walk. After getting some fresh air, Dambi receives a call from her manager who, seemingly concerned about her health, rushes to the scene, despite Dambi’s objections that she’s okay. Seeing that everything’s okay, the manger offers to treat Dambi to a movie, much to her delight. After buying Dambi both a ticket and ice-cream cone, he leaves for dinner, telling Dambi to call him when she’s done. After the movie is over, the manager sends Dambi home and tells her to take 2-3 days off.

MSN Japan Coverage (2007.05.15)

MQ | 34.3MB | 12:16 Dambi opens the episode by offering insightful commentary on the dreadful weather. To start her day off, Dambi looks for some chow and decides on a restaurant serving traditional Korean food. Afterwards, she washes down the food with a drink while enjoying a book. At the dance studio, Dambi practices Ciara’s Dance Like a Boy and JT’s Cry Me a River. Clips of these two choreographies have been floating around the Net for some time, so it’s nothing new. But, what is new is footage of Dambi undergoing vocal training. She sings two ballads — one in Korean and one in English — and plays a little tune on the piano. Personally, the two songs are both too high for her range and even Dambi asks her instructor for guidance during a particular segment. Also, there have been rumours that Dambi “perfected” English and Japanese before her debut, but judging from the clip, her English pronunciation still has a way to go. It’s not terrible, but it’s certainly not perfect.


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