Cry Eye & Don’t Stop (Music Bank Special Stage 2007.08.05)


Cry Eye + Don’t Stop (Music Bank Special Stage 2007.08.05)
LQ | 73.58MB | 2:25

After their last collaboration helped launch Dambi’s career, it seems only natural that Son Dambi and Poppin’ Hyun Joon would reunite. For this collaboration, the two artists sing/dance to each other’s song, bringing to the stage their own flavour. Unfortunately, the taste of Cry Eye is questionable. Firstly, Dambi’s outfit is an eyesore. The baggy pink sweatshirt masks her figure while the boy shorts make her look 2 feet shorter. But the worst of all is Hyun Joon, who doesn’t bother to fit in with the crew and instead does his own thing, even interrupting Dambi mid-lyric at times. Oh, and he can’t sing for jack either. The girl herself looks confused by the chaos, and the performance is simply an atrocity. Fortunately, Don’t Stop makes up for it. Unlike Hyun Joon, Dambi actually had the courtesy to learn some of the choreography, and as a result, fits in seamlessly. The entire song goes over smoothly, and the breakdown section is absolutely jaw-breaking. Like in the YEPP CF, the two work together beautifully. So while Hyun Joon butchered Cry Eye, at least the audience — and the artists — had a good time.

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