Cry Eye (MBC Music Core 2007.07.07)


Cry Eye (MBC Music Core 2007.07.07)
MQ | 32.1MB | 3:04

Although Dambi’s first performance was on Channel V’s A-Live, it was both lip-synched and aired a week later, so this performance is generally regarded as her true “debut performance.”

With Dambi and her dancers dressed in black, and the stage lit red, the atmosphere is almost mysterious — a great way to introduce a new singer. However, the mood is lightened by a slideshow of Dambi’s photos on the background screen. The dance choreography is crisp and clean, and the group appears very in sync. Even while singing live and dancing, Dambi manages to smile at the camera every chance she gets. Her backup dancers really get into the song, and at “Cuz WANNA SEE YOU BY MY SIDE / sangsangman haedo gippeunde,” the two girls give some attitude, especially the one with the trucker hat who looks like she could kick your ass if she didn’t like the colour of your shirt. One of the male dancers slips while circling Dambi (2:25), but quickly recovers and carries on. Dambi ends off with a solo segment and her signature butt-shaking. Overall, the performance was great and the choreography was better displayed than in the music video, but there’s just one small complaint — the little jump they do after “tteugeowojin naui Cry Eye” (1:59). It’s almost fairy-like and looks totally out of place.

kensai @ asian junkie


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