Cry Eye (SBS Inkigayo 2007.07.08)


Cry Eye (MBC Music Core 2007.07.07)
MQ | 37.69MB | 3:36

This performance features a remixed version of Cry Eye in which the song kicks off with a strong beat intro during which Dambi and two male dancers unleash some bad-ass new moves. And although I hate to admit it, the end move is somewhat reminiscent of Bi. The stage is lit with red, blue, and green light at the beginning, but changes to white light afterwards to better spotlight Dambi. Once again, pictures of Dambi decorate the set. Dambi herself is dressed completely in white while her backup dancers sport black outfits with white hoods/sleeves. Her voices seems huskier and lower this time, especially in the beginning. I’m not obsessed enough to analyze every move, so I can’t say whether or not the choreography has changed, but on the surface, it looks to be the same. No mishaps this time, unless you count the male dancers’ costumes. Mesh net clothing should be outlawed.

kensai @ asian junkie


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