MayBee – Daso MV


MayBee – Daso MV
MQ | 19.41MB | 3:51

Ah, Korean music videos. Once renowned for their tear-jerking proportions, now reproached for their melodrama, they’ve become less and less creative. Such is the case with MayBee’s Daso, which, despite no one dying, is just as bland. First is the typical teary-eyed goodbye. Where is she going? Who is she running from? And why is she taking so long? Then flashback to good times — snuggling by the water, snuggling on the beach, snuggling on the tram bus — until suddenly, the fairy tale falls apart. No one knows what happened, but she’s angry and now she’s leaving. And the guy, even with his new girlfriend, suddenly has an urge to stop her. But it’s too late. It’s always too late. Because even though it takes her 2 hours to get from the 2nd floor to the bus stop, it only takes 2 seconds to get away in the taxi. And since when did Dambi have such thick eyebrows? She looks like Moon Geun-Yeong.

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One Response to “MayBee – Daso MV”

  1. 1 Leahmete

    Good day . May i ask if whats the name of the two girl actresses? Thanks .

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