Cry Eye & Alone (U-Clean Concert 2007.06.30)


Cry Eye (U-Clean Concert 2007.06.30)
MQ | 26.53MB | 4:09
One of the things about watching an older performance after having seen newer ones is that you can note the improvements since. For one, Dambi has moved away from lip-synching and into live performances — good for her. Secondly, the choreography has improved. It’s now more cohesive and coordinated. Lastly, the outfits have progressed as well. The white hoods and white pants here just don’t mesh as well as the later combos, and Dambi’s outfit looks too mismatched from the bunch. Also, that chain around her waist turns pretty lethal when she spins. But while this early performance has some flaws, it’s nonetheless an interesting look at how Dambi has evolved.

Alone (U-Clean Concert 2007.06.30)
MQ | 12.06MB | 2:57
Lip-synching while dancing is somewhat understandable, but lip-synching during a ballad is simply inexcusable. And sadly, that is exactly what Dambi does during this performance of Alone — if it can even be called a performance. There’s just something unsatisfying about her standing there and mouthing words. Also, Alone has just about exceeded Cry Eye as my favourite track from the single, so this is a real disappointment. Hopefully she’ll perform it again in the future and hopefully live.


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