ShowBiz Extra Super Rookie Interview (2007.07.20)


ShowBiz Extra Super Rookie Interview
MQ | 52:32MB | 8:02

This English-subtitled interview with Son Dam Bi allows fans to better understand both her personality and music. Starting off, Dambi humbly introduces herself as an “amateur singer.” She then goes on to discuss Cry Eye, which she describes as “an addictive hip-hop dance piece with a sad melody.” She also shares how she would like to be perceived by her fans — as either a “pink dolphin” or a chameleon. The feature also has some backstage footage of Dambi recording variety shows and performing on stage — a stage which took her 4 years and over 10 hours a day of practice to get to. Dambi also explains the reasoning behind her unorthodox wardrobe. Lastly, Dambi reveals her high school love life, which was not as glamorous as many may think. But out of it, she has an interesting story to tell. Dambi ends by expressing her goal to win a “Newcomer’s Award.” Best of luck to Dambi and let’s hope she gets what she wished for.


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