Atree Photoshoot (2007.08.01)


Atree Photoshoot (2007.08.01)
MQ | 11.89MB | 2:08

We’ve all seen Dambi with that little mobile dictionary/media player around. Well, it turns out she endorses the product, which is likely why it appeared in her Cry Eye music video. This clip takes us behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot for the advertisement. Having been a model, Dambi certainly isn’t camera-shy and she struts her stuff confidently in front of the lens. Set to the fourth track, Start, the video also shows Dambi getting her hair and make-up done for the shoot. While waiting for her hairdressers to finish, Dambi plays with her Atree and while waiting for the photographers to set up, Dambi practices some poses. Overall, this video, although a tad redundant at times as it likes to recycle footage, is quite insightful on the makings of a picture-perfect image.


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