YEPP Promotion


YEPP Promotion
LQ | 57.75MB | 8:52

Taking place in a shopping mall, this promotional event for Samsung’s YEPP mp3 player features none other than Son Dam Bi. Appearing classy but casual in a white blazer over a T-shirt with jeans and heels, Dambi humbly introduces herself as she always does. And as she towers over the MC, the two make conversation and jokes. After this ensues for a good few minutes, two guys from the crowd are invited on stage to reenact the YEPP commercial. However, they won’t be playing the part of Poppin’ Hyun Joon. Instead, they’ll be playing the part of Son Dam Bi, weaving their bodies through Dambi’s arms. And so the music starts, with the contrast of songs as per the ad. Then as the music stops, the first guy, a lanky and shy one, takes a stab at it. The attempt isn’t half-bad, and he even does a spin for show at the end. The second guy starts busting some (lame) moves during the music and when the moment of truth comes, he succeeds as well, but Dambi’s hands are so far apart, the effect is ruined. So thus ends the promotion. I so want a YEPP mp3 player now.

뭉치 @ daum


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