YTN News (2007.08.28)


YTN News (2007.08.28)
LQ | 10.57MB | 4:50

Not only has Son Dam Bi been repeatedly compared to Bi, her name also happens to contain “Bi.” However, there is an even stranger coincidence between Son Dam Bi (손담비) and actress Seo Dam Bi (서단비), whose names differ by only one character. Because of this, the two are frequently confused, on TV and especially on the Internet. So on this episode of YTN Star, the anchors analyze the two stars to see if they resemble each other beyond their names.

First analysis is of their outward appearances. (Dambi will be used to refer to Son Dam Bi; Seo will be used to refer to Seo Dam Bi). Standing at 169cm and weighing 48kg, Dambi is said to have a slender and beautiful shape with a different charm. Meanwhile, Seo is 172cm tall and weighs 55kg. Secondly, their motives for debuting as entertainers are discussed. Dambi says that her dream has always been to become an entertainer, but it happened accidentally. She was accidentally “cast” after graduating high school (most likely she means as a model) and then learned to dance and then became a singer. Seo was studying abroad in New Zealand when her curiosity and interest in entertainment got the better of her and she took a temporary leave of absence from school to return to Korea. However, both parties trained extensively for their debuts. Dambi trained for 3 years in dance and vocals before releasing her first single. Seo trained in pronounciation and body relaxation(?). Lastly, the two share their plans for the future. Dambi wants to become a singer who can branch out into different images. Seo wants to become an actress who can become immersed in her characters.


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