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A very happy 25th birthday (in Korean years) to our talented singer, Dambi! Although she’s older than most new artists, she sacrificed an earlier debut for extensive training. So best of luck to her in the future and we look forward to another album. Dambi fighting!!! Advertisements

…And the photos just keep coming, but no complaints here.

Dambi returns in another hanbok, this time one with pink and blue. But as much as I love her, I have to say it’s not very flattering on her. She looks rather…pregnant.

Hanbok Photoshoot (2007.09.22) MQ | 14.68MB | 2:24 With Start as the background music, this clip shows footage from Dambi’s recent photoshoot, in which she was wearing a hanbok. The video also features a short interview with Dambi in which she discusses, among other things, her latest promoted song, Start. Although she looks a little […]

Moon Festival Comment (YTN Star News 2007.09.20) MQ | 0:17 Dressed in the cute hanbok we saw earlier, Dambi makes a brief comment about the upcoming Moon Festival. Since it’s so short, can anyone translate?

포루투칼….거리에서… 날씨가 참..깨끗했었다…그래서 기분 좋았던… 행복했던…. 지붕에 올라가지만 않으면…ㅎㅎ… 아마..첫날…구경하러 여기저기 돌라다니면서 찍은 사진 같군… ———————————————————— 포루투칼에서 보낸 시간들이 꿈만 같다…. Dambi shares another photo from her trip to Portugal. This time, one from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

Dambi appears in the October 2007 edition of the women’s magazine Ceci. The article from Yahoo! Korea accompanying the picture briefly talks about Dambi’s claim to fame as the “female Bi” as well as her sensual image.