Cry Eye & Talk (SBS Radio 2007.08.25)


Cry Eye (SBS Radio 2007.08.25)
MQ | 5:00

So finally we see footage from the elusive activity from 2 weeks ago. This clip is from Dambi’s appearance on SBS Radio on August 25. After hours of failed attempts to rip the video and bypass the copyright restriction, I’ve given up, so enjoy the videos as is, with all their lagginess and commercials. Note: the videos only work in Internet Explorer.

In the first video, Dambi sings Cry Eye live. Initially, she has some difficulty with the mic height which causes her to panic slightly. Luckily, a crew member quickly fixes the problem before the intro finishes. After that it’s all smooth sailing as Dambi gets into the groove, incorporating some of the hand movements while singing. She even does a mini krump section for her small DJ audience at the end. And maybe it’s because she’s not dancing at the same time, but it appears that her vocals have improved; so much that it would sound lip-synched if not for the ad-lib parts.

Talk (SBS Radio 2007.08.25)
MQ | 2:31

Afterwards, in the second video, Dambi sits down with the gang to enjoy some compliments and jokes. However, soon after Dambi is invited to showcase her dance skills. But before that, she has another equipment mishap as she tries to take her headphones with her only to realize the cord is too short. But no biggie — there’s plenty of pairs lying around. After sorting that out, Dambi begins to strut her stuff to a “feel good” song. However, it’s really just for kicks, as the moves are primarily cutesy/sexy, with a few “raise the roof” and krump moves thrown in for good measure. So maybe this is more like a preview of what Dambi would be like at a nightclub. Then, to switch things up, one of the DJ requests another song, which happens to be Christina Aguilera’s Candyman.


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