Start (15th Chunsa Film Art Awards 2007.09.14)


Start (15th Chunsa Film Art Awards 2007.09.14)
LQ | 19.42MB | 3:05

So finally Dambi returns with her performance of Start at the 15th Chusan Film Art Awards. Dressed elegantly in black with her hair neatly tied back (for once), Dambi put on a brilliant show with her usual enthusiasm. However, the performance was lip-synced, which seems to be a habit for her first performances. In addition, her sophisticated attire wasn’t exactly what I had expected; I thought it would be something more sporty, like the outfit from the beginning of the Cry Eye MV. And someone please give her a headset! The poor girl had to switch hands so many times I lost count. But despite her less than efficient costume, including the high heels, Dambi still managed to give a breakdown which, although not to be compared with Cry Eye, does her talent justice. Also as a side note, it seems as if Dambi has switched up her backup dancers. She’s added another male who acts as her partner. And lastly, although you can’t hear it in this clip, the crowd was absolutely going nuts for Dambi.


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