Sel-Ca (2007.10.26)



날씨가 너무좋았다~

머리에가발을쓰구 쪼~~~옥^^

Dambi has updated her cyworld and finally the cam-whore we all know and love is back! Posted are 2 self-camera photos of herself along with a miscellaneous one. Her new hair colour looks awesome on her. The photo posted above was reportedly taken on her way home. The comment mentions something about the good weather. Read on for the remaining photos!


내보물들..없었더라면 행복하지않았을꺼다..

요즘은 기분이 묘하다..

나에대해서 알아가는과정..

사랑한다 내보물들^^

This comment doesn’t translate so well, but it says something along the lines of Dambi loving global exports? As in, foreign products (in this case Starbucks)? Anyway, what’s recognizable is her signature headphones. And also what looks to be a new (and customized?!) iPod (if you recall, she had a green Nano in the Cry Eye MV).


난 모자모으는게 취미다~~

빨간모자산 기념으로~치~~즈

And lastly, another shot of Dambi in the car (she sure gets bored during rides, huh?). This one is even more impossible for Google to translate — it just makes a reference to Albigeois. Still, pretty, no?


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