This is a FAN site dedicated to Son Dam Bi and is in no way associated with Son Dam Bi. Thanks =]

While numerous Netizens raved about Son Dam Bi, I remained blissfully unaware. Yes, I knew of her existense ā€” after all, Cry Eye had been looping my playlist for two weeks or so ā€” but I knew nothing about her. Then one afternoon, out of sheer boredom, I decided to Google her and put a face to her name. The first results were all about her being the “female Bi.” Now, having heard of countless “the next whoever,” I was not too impressed. But still bored, I decided to watch a few of her performances. Now, before Son Dam Bi, the only entertainer I was a true fan of was Namie Amuro. Bless the Queen of Hip-Pop, but her live performances are always so deprived of energy. That’s why, when I first watched Son Dam Bi on stage, I was slightly confused and baffled. Instead of being blank-faced, Son Dam Bi was smiling the entire time. Initially, I thought she looked goofy and cocky, so I remained unimpressed.

A few minutes later, I came across the Cry Eye teaser/ad. I was blown away. The vigour, the power, in her dance left me speechless. Wanting more, I reviewed the previously seen performances, but with a different perspective. I grew to enjoy them, particularly her smiling, because it conveyed that she truly enjoyed what she was doing.

To satisfy my new fandom, I began scouring the Internet for anything related to Son Dam Bi and was happily rewarded with videos and photos. However, despite my glee, I was disheartened to realize that I couldn’t share it with anyone. I didn’t just want to horde media ā€” I wanted to share it. I wanted to showcase Son Dam Bi so she could step out of Bi’s shadow and be recognized for her own talent. I knew what I had to do.

And so SDBjjang.com was born. Roughly translated, it means “Son Dam Bi is the best.” The goal of the site is to promote Son Dam Bi, to unite fans, and hopefully create more. The central idea is a community, but until the site gains popularity, a forum will be postponed. Until then, Son Dam Bi fighting!


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