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너무 힘들다 ㅠㅠ피곤피곤 As per the previous post about her training in the US, Dambi has officially landed in LA! And she’s been quick to update her cyworld with pictures. The comments don’t make much sense out of Korean, so unless a native speaker can translate them, they’re just going to be left as is.. […]

나만 너무 좋아한다 ㅜㅜ Forgive me if I’ve butchered the name/gotten it completely wrong, but it looks as if Dambi’s hanging out with her friend, Hanarang (하나랑), during her off-time. It’s nice to know that Dambi got a bit of rest before heading off to LA.

너무 집중했어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yes, an uninspired title, but that’s basically what Dambi says about this picture. No idea where this is from…

이컷을찍으면서 많이 슬픈생각을 했었던것같다.. 왜 그랬을까..ㅋㅋ A bit late, but Dambi updated her cyworld a week ago with some photos from (what I’m guessing) the October 2007 edition of Bazzar magazine. Although from her comment she doesn’t seem too pleased with the picture (something about her looking too sad), she looks gorgeous! Keep reading for […]

It’s been proven that Dambi plus Buckaroo equals hotness, and these set of pictures from the winter season are no exception. She posted these on her cyworld with a big smilie face and it’s no wonder — she looks smoking!

New photos for the Buckaroo Jeans fall season have emerged and they’re sizzling hot! This time Dambi is joined by some other hotties to strut her stuff in style.

날씨가 너무좋았다~ 머리에가발을쓰구 쪼~~~옥^^ Dambi has updated her cyworld and finally the cam-whore we all know and love is back! Posted are 2 self-camera photos of herself along with a miscellaneous one. Her new hair colour looks awesome on her. The photo posted above was reportedly taken on her way home. The comment mentions something […]