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Hanbok Photoshoot (2007.09.22) MQ | 14.68MB | 2:24 With Start as the background music, this clip shows footage from Dambi’s recent photoshoot, in which she was wearing a hanbok. The video also features a short interview with Dambi in which she discusses, among other things, her latest promoted song, Start. Although she looks a little […]

Moon Festival Comment (YTN Star News 2007.09.20) MQ | 0:17 Dressed in the cute hanbok we saw earlier, Dambi makes a brief comment about the upcoming Moon Festival. Since it’s so short, can anyone translate?

Start (Joenkuk Concert 2007.09.16) HQ | 33.63 MB | 3:13 To switch things up, Dambi appears in a three-quarters length blazer with a red inner lining over a black shirt this time. But otherwise, the performance is just as great as the last, although her vocals may be even better. One thing to note is […]

Start (Music Core 2007.09.15) LQ | 18.13MB | 2:51 With a more vibrant stage and professional camera, this performance of Start looks much more energetic. In addition, Dambi also sings live. Now, the song isn’t that vocally challenging, so the greatest achievement here is how stable and controlled her voice is. Dance-wise, another perfect performance. […]

Start (15th Chunsa Film Art Awards 2007.09.14) LQ | 19.42MB | 3:05 So finally Dambi returns with her performance of Start at the 15th Chusan Film Art Awards. Dressed elegantly in black with her hair neatly tied back (for once), Dambi put on a brilliant show with her usual enthusiasm. However, the performance was lip-synced, […]

Cry Eye (SBS Power FM) MQ | 4:56 So yet another radio performance of Cry Eye from Dambi. She received quite a bit of support from the DJ’s who cheered and clapped throughout, and also from the few fans who showed up to catch a glimpse of her. The unprecedented support made Dambi a bit […]

Canon 860i CF


Canon 860i CF MQ | 2.95MB | 0:29 Well, it looks as if our previous reports have been incorrect, as Dambi is not the face for the new Samsung digital camera, but for the new Canon digital camera. Many apologies for the error. In this short but sweet CF, Dambi is the focus of one […]