New photos for the Buckaroo Jeans fall season have emerged and they’re sizzling hot! This time Dambi is joined by some other hotties to strut her stuff in style. Continue reading ‘Buckaroo Fall Season Photoshoot’



날씨가 너무좋았다~

머리에가발을쓰구 쪼~~~옥^^

Dambi has updated her cyworld and finally the cam-whore we all know and love is back! Posted are 2 self-camera photos of herself along with a miscellaneous one. Her new hair colour looks awesome on her. The photo posted above was reportedly taken on her way home. The comment mentions something about the good weather. Read on for the remaining photos! Continue reading ‘Sel-Ca (2007.10.26)’


버커루 겨울시즌 옷 촬영 중~

Here’s a photo from Dambi’s cyworld showing her on-set of the photoshoot for the Buckaroo Jeans winter line-up. As with the fall line-up, Dambi looks absolutely stunning. Hopefully the images will make their way onto the Internet soon.


생님 생일축하축하~~~

우리 앞으로두 화이팅~~!!!^^

Here’s a photo from an intimate celebration for Dambi’s 25th birthday. Once again, the guy beside Dambi is her vocal trainer. Given their professional relationship, it looks as if the dinner could have been organized by her staff, but since they seem pretty close, it could just be a casual dinner.


민수 생님과 준호오빠랑~ 작사가언니랑 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Here’s a photo recently uploaded by Dambi onto her cyworld. The picture is taken at the time of the recording for Alone (Honja), and Dambi is posing with her close oppas and unnie. The guy to the far right is Dambi’s vocal trainer and the woman is the lyricist for the song.


Here’s a news article about Dambi’s recent appearance on a popular Japanese variety show. The article is pretty much self-explanatory so there are only two things left to say: one, hopefully Dambi will be making a Japanese debut and two, hopefully someone will record the show for all to see.

Sohn Dan-bi, who has gained popularity recently for her appearance in various commercial films, has appeared on a popular Japanese variety show along with Ryoo Si-Won.

The show airs on TBS and boasts average viewer ratings of 17 percent.

In the show, which was a special edition dedicated to Korean stars, Sohn spoke about her views regarding the opposite sex, marriage and family values as a Korean woman in her 20s.

Sohn was invited to appear on the show because she has already gained recognition in Korea for her dancing skills and charming looks and was the most searched celebrity on the Japanese largest portal Web site MSN Japan.

Sohn’s agency says her appearance on the show has raised the possibility of her official debut in Japan.

The show, which was hosted by top Japanese anchor Shinichirou Azumi and top actress Pinko Izumi, will air this month.

KBS Global

SwTaZnLayDee @ soompi

A very happy 25th birthday (in Korean years) to our talented singer, Dambi! Although she’s older than most new artists, she sacrificed an earlier debut for extensive training. So best of luck to her in the future and we look forward to another album. Dambi fighting!!!